Part Five

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Part Five of You Will Find Your Way
Dallas and Mathias are under attack.

Somewhere Else, In Another Time

Mathias claps her hand on her shoulder, “C’mon,” he says, his dark eyes scanning what is considered a countryside in this weird universe, and Dallas’ glowing blades indicate that there are a bunch of creatures closing in. “One last hurrah before you go.”

“I don’t know what you guys are supposed to do without me,” she sings, bounces on her heels before she rushes—not runs, but rushes—into the forest, knows that Mathias is right behind her.

They don’t have far to go before they encounter a pack of the prowling creatures that shouldn’t be infesting this wasteland, all big-clawed, covered in matted and slimy fur that’s somehow on fire.

As she moves through the spindly maze of trees, Dallas’ grip on the blade goes tighter when she yanks her short sword from its holster on her right side. She dives right into the fray, taking on two of the creatures while Mathias deals with three more. Dallas grits her teeth when the flames from one of the creatures get a little too close to setting her pants on fire.

She drops, pierces one creature through the back of its neck with the point of the blade, cuts into one of the thick legs with her sword before one of the others barrels into her side and sends her careening into a probably dead tree.

Pain sears through her side, radiates all the way out to the tips of her fingers as she rolls to her side, props up on her elbow before she bounces off the ground when another creature tries to cut its slimy claws through her neck.

Out of the corner of her eye, she tracks Mathias, watches him extinguish one of the flaming creatures with a sure cut through its middle. She swings her own blade, switches her grip and pushes it through the eyes of the creature trying to bite through her throat. Heat sears against her hands and face until she yanks the blade back and the flames die down.

“Shit!” She snaps when another handful of creatures somehow materialize out of the trees and one tries to bite her arm off, but she managers to wedge her blade between its teeth and forces it away. “What is it with these things and my fucking limbs? I need my limbs!”

Across the field, she hears Mathias let out a breathy chuckle, “I don’t think it’s just you,” he says between gasps for air, and she turns in time to see him kick one of the creatures away with a booted foot, sending it into a couple of its companions.

Dallas glares at him, extinguishes another creature, and glares at her right arm, “Somehow I think that’s bull.”

The fight continues in the way that all their battles tend to—Mathias extinguishes a pair in quick succession, another tries to shove a claw into Dallas’ cheeks, but she slides away, gets some grease-like goop smeared all over her neck when she cuts the limb through and kicks the rest of the massive body away.

Something bumps up against her back, but it’s not on fire so she’s pretty sure it’s just Mathias, and when she glances over she sees that it is him standing at her back. He faces off against one of the two remaining creatures, and the other skitters to a stop a few feet in front of her.

Dallas bumps her shoulders back against his, “Let’s get this over with.”

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