TFR’s Friday Five – Prompts 516-520

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Five writing prompts to inspire your writing this weekend.

TFR's Writing Prompt 516
“Last chance to tell me what you’re concerned about.” “Basically, everything.”
TFR's Writing Prompt 517
“She’s so young, she mostly just looks like a potato with eyes.” “That’s your newborn you’re talking about.”
TFR's Writing Prompt 518
“We’re giving him too much power.” “But, it’s power he doesn’t want.” “Don’t be a fool. Everyone wants power.”
TFR's Writing Prompt 519
“Your spine was the encyclopedic definition of ‘not remotely functional’, of course you had to stay behind.” “I still should have gone with you.” “If you’re going to continue being this ridiculous, I’m getting someone to up your meds.”
TFR's Writing Prompt 520
“I did what I could, you know, while I was also busy trying not to bleed to death.”

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