Five writing prompts to inspire your writing this weekend.

TFR's Writing Prompt 525

“I steal hearts, not souls.” “It’s okay if you want to do both.”

TFR's Writing Prompt 526

“You know your day is off to a great start when you wake up and your first thought is, ‘no’.”

TFR's Writing Prompt 527

527 “Hello Life-Ruiner.” “Oh calm down, that was years ago. Your life doesn’t look too ruined to me.”

TFR's Writing Prompt 528

“I’ve put up with this galaxy’s bullshit for 800 years, you bet your ass I’m ready to pass on.”

TFR's Writing Prompt 259

“There’s a rumor that her death wasn’t an accident, but an assassination.” “Someone’s twenty years late on the uptake.”

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