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Stubborn! Imaginative! Exhausted!

I, Kathryn, the Fake Redhead, am a writer.

A life-long college sports fan and forever bitter about the country’s east coast bias, I graduated from the University of Arizona in 2012 with a BA in Creative Writing, emphasis in poetry because the fiction studies emphasis was too pretentious for me to handle.


Since I was forced to choose a minor, I got mine in Japanese Culture Studies because A) I was halfway through the minor by the time I met with my academic advisor about it and B) because the culture option doesn’t require the language classes, and Japanese 101 is notoriously one of the most difficult classes on the entire campus.

After graduation, I accidentally exiled myself to Alabama in pursuit of a career in athletic media relations. I learned a lot, ate a lot more (they shred cheddar cheese on EVERYTHING), and watched a LOT of quality college softball.

I moved back to Arizona in 2013, started working for Arizona State University in its athletic department (yes, my college’s rival, I know, I’ve heard that one once or twice), got my own place, and adopted a cranky old cat named Maggie, aka the four-legged roommate who really runs the household.

In June of 2015, I went back to Alabama for a much-needed vacation, and after spending two days on Lake Martin, I was inspired to write a science fiction novel about an amnesiac alien who accidentally becomes a superhero for a small, weird town that’s missing its own superhero team. 18 months later, that novel is now the first of many in a very long series, and I’m on what I hope is the final stages of editing my manuscript of Part One before I dive into the wild world of literary representation.

So these days, I spend my time writing, thinking about writing, freelance editing and copywriting to make rent, and sometimes sleeping.

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Random Facts About The Fake Redhead

  • When I text, I send emojis in groups of three
  • My best friend and I recently tried to dye my hair purple. It actually ended up making my hair redder than it already was.
  • I have a very distinct gait-people can tell I’m coming from around a corner without actually seeing me.
  • My favorite freeway in Arizona is the southbound Route 51.
  • My favorite four-letter word starts with the letter ‘F’.
  • I have a running lists of songs that I can NOT listen to. One is from the Lion King Original Broadway Soundtrack, the other is a song by Brittney Spears.

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