The Ultimate Book of Writing Prompts Volume 1


Have you ever wanted to write, but just couldn’t come up with the inspiration? Well, welcome to your one stop shop for writing inspiration! Writing prompts are 100% the best way to inspire writing of any kind, either long-form or short-form.

Who is this ebook for? Any creative, from writers to artists and anywhere in between. Writing prompts from have been used in long and short stories of every kind, both fiction and non-fiction, and even have seen them turned into inspiration for art! There are no limits when your imagination has been opened wide.

With this ebook, you will get 100 original writing prompts not seen anywhere else on, packaged into a 61 page ebook that features both the traditional red graphics and an easily scanned text option. Take this ebook anywhere that inspires you and get to writing. All it takes is 500 words a day for six months to have a full-length novel, and these prompts are what it takes to get you there.



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