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As a writer, I write about a lot of things, like original fiction and the process of writing itself.

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TFR’s Writing Tips’ NaNoWriMo 2017 Countdown

4 Reasons To Participate In NaNoWriMo
Part One of the NaNoWriMo 2017 countdown series, four of the many reasons why it’s worth it to spend 30 days trying to write as much as humanly possible.

6 Tips For A Successful NaNoWriMo
Part Two of the NaNoWriMo 2017 countdown series, six tips you should consider to have a successful NaNoWrimo.

Part Three: 5 Ways To Focus During NaNoWriMo
Part Three of the NaNoWriMo 2017 countdown series, where I discuss a few tips and tricks to focus on taking on a project that’s on such a massive scale. (Includes discussion inspired by author VE Schwab about how to handle those ‘shiny new ideas’).

Part Four: #MondayMotivation For NaNoWriMo
The secret of getting ahead is getting started. – Mark Twain. It’s two days out to NaNoWriMo, and that means it’s almost time to start. And starting is important, because if you don’t start, you won’t finish.

Part Five: 3 Reasons Why It’s Not About Winning NaNoWriMo
While it’s really awesome to “win” NaNoWriMo and cash in on all the nifty bonuses, but NaNoWriMo is really more about learning about yourself as a writer. And that’s really awesome too.

More Writing Tips

6 Ways To Transition Out Of Writer’s Block
Tips include: writing, getting off social media, abrupt transitions, getting out of MS Word, writing about writing, taking breaks, and a bonus!

2 Tips For Introducing Your Protagonist
For the love of all that is holy, show, don’t tell.

4 Ways To Ease The Angst Of Naming Your Protagonist
Naming characters can be a traumatic experience, so here are four ways to make it a little easier.

5 Tips For Better World Building
Building your story’s world is crucial to the advancement of your plot. It’s hard, but it’s not impossible

4 Unique Ways To Get Inspired To Write
Featuring the Fake Redhead’s personal stories of finding inspiration in places outside of reading other novels.

6 Sources Of Productive Background Noise
Including background noise generators, classical music, anything John Williams, Bear McCreary’s Battlestar Galactica score, and a bonus!

2 Reasons Not To Be Afraid To Use Your Character’s Name In Your Novel
Your life will be about a million times easier if you just use their name.

1 Reason Why ‘Said is Dead’ Is Bull
Said isn’t dead. There, I said it.

3 (And A Half) Tips For Introducing Your Novel’s Setting
It’s like introducing one of your characters. But bigger.

3 Ways To Write A Character You Hate
It’s not easy, but you have to give attention to the jerks in your novel too.

4 Reasons Why Breaks Are Good For Your Productivity
Go take a shower. Trust me, you need it.

5 Ways To Start Your Story
While this may LOOK like 1,800 words of me crying over the new Power Rangers movie, I promise I have a point.

6 Ways To Make Writing Fight Scenes Less Traumatic
Fight scenes can be hard, yo, but don’t let that stop you from finishing your story.

5 Tips For Writing (And Finishing!) Your Novel
Writing is intimidating, but don’t let that stop you from telling your story.

1 Reason Not To Fear Your Crutch Words
Seriously, don’t worry about this. You have far more important things to do with your time.

3 Reasons To Use Foreshadowing In Your Story
Reason one: because it’s awesome.

5 Cliches To Avoid In Your Story
It’s my birthday, so I’m going to spend 2,000 words talking about cliches in literature that need to stop. (And don’t forget to Sign Up For The Newsletter)

2 Things NOT To Do When Sharing Your Work
These things might feel instinctual, but they won’t serve you well in the long run.

4 Reasons Why You MUST Wait Before Moving On Your Manuscript
I am one of the least patient people on the planet, but if I can understand how crucial it is to take time away from your work, anyone can.

1 Way To Add Depth To Your Story
Circling around back to ‘show, not tell’, because I still think it’s super important.

5 Ways To Use Prompts In Your Writing
Considering how many hundreds of prompts I’ve got on the website, it’s high time I talk about how to use them #BetterLateThanNever Shop the new prompt eBooks

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