You Will Find Your Way

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“All roads lead home, even when you don’t want them to.”

A bi-weekly piece of serial fiction featuring Dallas McKinnon–a grumpy runner with a chronic arm injury–and Giselle Quiggle–a theoretical physicist–who return to Tate College twelve years after Dallas’ mysterious disappearance three months into her freshman year.

Part One
In which Dallas returns to her home in Blythe, California, after a middle of the night run, finds her roommate–theoretical physicist Giselle Quiggle–awake and going through the mail.

Part Two
Somewhere else, Dallas and Mathias have a conversation about whether she should say or go. And about consent.

Part Three
An abrupt end to Dallas and Mathias’ conversation. Back in the present, Giselle breaks some news to Dallas.

Part Four
All roads lead home, no matter how much Dallas doesn’t want them to.

Part Five
Back in the past, Dallas and Mathias are under attack.

Part Six
Dallas and Giselle. Pillow talk and tickle fights. Because this is a stereotypical slumber party written by someone who obviously doesn’t know women.

Part Seven
Dallas is skeptical about Maris sending her home.

Part Eight
Portal travel is complicated. Dallas returns to Earth by way of Central Park. But is it really Central Park?

Part Nine
Packing is done best while drunk. Because that’s when Giselle unearths one of Dallas’ biggest skeletons, and Dallas is 500% not okay with that.

Part Ten
Another look back. Dallas wasn’t a student at Tate College for very long.

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Part Eleven
Welcome to Tate College.

Part Twelve
Dallas isn’t about to spend the night freaking out and staring at her bedroom’s four walls.

Part Thirteen
Giselle can be terrifying when she wants to be.

Part Fourteen
Doctor Peter Sweeney doesn’t shake hands with anyone who doesn’t have at least two or three PhDs. That counts Dallas out.

Part Fifteen
Dallas really shouldn’t have gotten out of bed this morning.

Part Sixteen
All things considered–see: the incident with Dallas–Tate College really shouldn’t be in possession of so many powerful books.

Part Seventeen
Every student’s worst nightmare is waking up late for the first day of school.

Part Eighteen
It’s only the first day of classes, but Dallas isn’t going to have any credibility with Giselle’s students.

Part Nineteen
Wine, taxes, and an anniversary

Part Twenty
The power goes out.

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Part Twenty One
Dallas picks a terrible time to go out for a run.

Part Twenty Two
It’s okay, Giselle didn’t REALLY need to finish that lecture, or anything.

Part Twenty Three
Look, Dallas isn’t trying to be vague on purpose.

Part Twenty Four
Explanations are difficult when Dallas doesn’t remember half the thing she’s trying to explain.

Part Twenty Five
Dallas and her right arm. Also, iPhones and Pumpkin Spice lattes.

Part Twenty Six
After a long two days, Dallas drowns out her musings with wine.

Part Twenty Seven
An unexpected and entirely unwelcome guest. Giselle is forced to take off her pants and take one for the team. Not her team. A team.

Part Twenty Eight
Dallas takes another late-night jaunt through the forest. It’s probably not going to end well.

Part Twenty Nine
Well, Dallas has slept in worse places.

Part Thirty
Juggling, sushi, and things Dallas should probably remember, but doesn’t.

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Part Thirty One
Luke is still a little terrified of Giselle. It’s fine.

Part Thirty Two
There’s drunken purchases and then there’s DRUNKEN purchases.

Part Thirty Three
What does Doctor Sweeney REALLY need, and what is Giselle listed as in Dallas’ phone?

Part Thirty Four
Oh look, Dallas is hallucinating.

Part Thirty Five
Seriously, Dallas is pretty sure that if she’s going crazy, she would be a little less aware of it.

Part Thirty Six
So, worst date ever, or worst date ever?

Part Zero
Disappearances on a beach.

Part Thirty Seven
Dallas need to do better at protecting her arms.

Part Thirty Eight
Dallas is really not having the best night.

Part Thirty Nine
Giselle may or may not have had the answer all along, and Luke may or may not be finally getting closer to the answers he wants.

Part Forty
Giselle is an astrophysicist, not a meteorologist, damn it.

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Part Forty One
Another step closer to maybe, sort of getting an answer.

Part Forty Two
Mathias, Dallas, and Hilda have a very specific set of skills. Subtly is not included.

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