Here are the top two reasons why I don’t like watching college sporting event broadcasts with sound:

  1. The butchering of student-athlete pronunciations.
    1. It really doesn’t help when I know the student-athletes, and therefore know their names.
    2. It really, really doesn’t help when I’m watching replays of sports I cover and names are butchered after I’d gone over pronunciations of key student-athletes.
  2. The talent’s lack of knowledge of the sport being played (which mostly plays into college live stream and online broadcasts of Olympic sports).
    1. Look, I know that most of the people on these broadcasts are students, looking to get some experience and eventually break into the business, but seriously, you have, have, HAVE to know about who and WHAT you’re talking about.
    2. If you’re covering a sport you’ve never covered before, do your research.
      1. That means looking up how the sport is scored at the college level and what the significant scoring terms ARE.
      2. That also means looking up pertinent information about any and ALL teams participating in the event. All major college athletics institutions have website FULL of information. Look them up.

Seriously, a pro tip: If you don’t know where to find the information you need, ASK.

I, and the people I work with, literally exist to help you look smart.

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