I can’t even convey how much today’s writing session sucked. It helps to know that, at least I got something in a document, but after so many days of the You Will Find Your Way words flowing pretty much at will, I just hit a wall, and there’s way too much talking and not enough plot happening right now.

Fortunately, and I know I say this a lot, but thank goodness that’s where the editing comes in. That’s why Part Four, which came out yesterday, sucks so much less. Editing. From blog posts to Tweets, everyone should edit everything that they write.

Especially Tweets. If there’s one thing Twitter needs to get on, like, immediately, it’s an edit function. That would make my life and the lives of everyone I work with so much easier than having to delete and re-write whole tweets.

Well, that’s enough of this ramble. I’m off to find a good list of prompts to go along with one of the new writing projects I want to start to break up the pretty-much-constant-ness of writing You Will Find Your Way.

Background Noise: Lindsey Stirling’s, The Arena. On repeat.

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