Dec. 1

In just over 30 minutes, I banged out 450 words for the Welcome To December Post, did some research and finished Part Eight of You Will Find Your Way, and wrote the first sentence of Part Nine.

Not bad at all.

On repeat: Halsey’s Badlands

Dec. 2

Took a little more than 30 minutes, but I knocked out the rest of Part Nine for You Will Find Your Way, and moved around a couple scenes for Part Ten

Background noise: Tom Petty’s Free Girl Now via YouTube, and Flashpoint on Hulu

Dec. 3

Took longer than 30 minutes but I managed to knock out nearly 800 words for Part Ten and the beginning of Part Eleven of You Will Find Your Way, and also hand-wrote seven and a half pages of my super secret writing project.

Background noise: Disney’s Maleficent

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