Banged out a hair over 500 words and that’s all I’m going to try to do today since I’ve got my niece’s dance recital this afternoon and I have so much to do before I meet up with the fam. Will hope to squeeze in editing Part Three of You Will Find Your Way tonight or tomorrow morning before it goes up.

The adventures continue.

Today’s advice: Writing rules are meant to be broken and are best when broken. Never think otherwise.

Background noise: One of my favorite episodes of Flashpoint, A Day In The Life #ValentinesDayMakesPeopleCrazy #GregParkerIsTerribleAtWomen

My other favorite part is how the actor who plays Raf DEFINITELY played a gang member a season ago. You can take off the beanie, but…

And my third favorite part is Spike is SO awkward with Sam’s sister. Like, a thousand percent.

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