I was originally going to make this a weekly post, but accountability is awesome and there’s no reason for me not to keep my readers updated with what I’m trying to do for both 2016 December Writing Challenge and beyond.

So here it is, what I wrote this week*

*featuring: what I listened to while I worked, and maybe a couple bonus anecdotes.


Finished Part Eleven of You Will Find Your Way, and then remembered something that needed to happen during Part Ten, so there’s a chance I’ll be able to go back and cut that one in half once I re-write. In total, somewhere around 700 words.

Background noise: the sound of the Fake Redhead finally doing laundry after two weeks, and Flashpoint on Hulu.


Knocked out Part Twelve of You Will Find Your Way and the beginning of Part Thirteen. All in all about 600 words.

And in other news, I sewed a hole in my sweatpants, which obviously isn’t writing, but is probably the most ‘home-ec’ status I am ever going to get.*

*I am not the home-making type. Not at all.

Background noise: Flashpoint on Hulu. Again. I just can’t get over Spike and Winnie.


What’s this? Do we shift into a new point of view in Part Thirteen of You Will Find Your Way?


Only a hair over 500 words, but hey, that’s still goal.

Background noise: Flashpoint on Hulu. I know I have a problem.

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