TFR's Writing Prompt 41

The first circle of hell has a day spa. The second has racquet ball courts.

TFR's Writing Prompt 42

“You don’t get to pin this break-in on me.” “But you were the one who broke in!”

TFR's Writing Prompt 43

Your character wakes up multiple times a week with unexplainable bruises on their arms and legs. The day they graduate from college, an agent of the CIA approaches them and introduces them to Project Nightlight.

TFR's Writing Prompt 44

On the eve of your character’s 19th birthday, they’re approached by their previous-unknown identical twin. They need your character’s help, to execute a hit.

TFR's Writing Prompt 45

“And in closing, congratulations for finding someone who you think you can put up with for the rest of your life.” “This is going to be worst Maid of Honor speech in the history of the written word.”

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