TFR's Writing Prompt 81

“A Venn diagram of my enemies and my allies would be a circle.”

TFR's Writing Prompt 82

“You have to had read about bomb disposal once.” “And you think I can just bring up the memory at the drop of a hat?” “It’s not like you can’t.”

TFR's Writing Prompt 83

“You know, no one bothered me this much when I was dead.”

TFR's Writing Prompt 84

Your character, a superhero, is sitting in the kitchen when his partner comes in, their arch nemesis willingly in tow. When the superhero asks what the heck is going on, the partner replies, “I won him in a poker game.”

TFR's Writing Prompt 85

“How could I not see it?” “You did see it, but you married me anyway.”

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