Writer’s Block

I don’t know what’s worse:

Having a million ideas and being unable to put them to paper (word doc, Scrivener, notepad, etc) because of a lack of motivation


Having a million ideas and being unable to put them to words because of a combination of a concussion, stress about life, and the usual work-related shenanigans that come up during the month of November.

Okay, so it’s probably the latter.

Consider me diagnosed.

But the biggest problem is that I can say “I’ll get to it when I get home” all I want, but I also know that there are four million more things waiting for me as soon as I do get home (like cleaning my disaster of a bedroom and, you know, holidays).

So I just need to start writing.

Easier said than done.

Author: TheFakeRedhead

A life-long college sports fan and forever bitter about the country's east coast biases, Kathryn, the Fake Redhead, graduated from the University of Arizona with a BA in Creative Writing, emphasis in poetry because she felt the fiction studies emphasis was too pretentious. She is currently helping other writers hone their craft while she pursues her dreams of becoming a published novelist.

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