Wrote out just a hair under 500 words today, but that’s better than nothing. Also, I have a lot of new research to do on a new blog project that will hopefully feature some very pretty writing prompts.

Ever seen something so pretty you feel like you want to cry?

Yeah. That’s where we’re going.

Parts Eighteen and Nineteen of You Will Find Your Way are really where we start getting a hint on just how weird things are going to get, and there are a few scenes coming up that I can’t wait to write.

Background Noise: Dolly Parton’s Nine To Five, Israel Kamakawio’ole’s Somewhere Over The Rainbow, and the Colbie Caillat cover of Breakeven & Fast Car

Quick note on the current episode of Flashpoint that’s also technically background noise: Oh Winnie, you won’t date your perfect guy because he’s a cop, but you’ll wing-man with him to Italy to see his family? Girl. You are so gone for this guy.

What I Wrote Yesterday

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