Got about 700 words of awesome written (here’s to ramping up the mystery or whatever it was I just did), so I’m going to say that makes up for the 470-ish words of mediocrity that I wrote yesterday.

Trust me, it’s mediocre, but like I keep saying, that’s what editing is for.

And as another bonus, while I was walking to my car after work, I got smacked in the face with a bunch of inspiration on what scenes are coming up and in what order.

Trust me, it’s mediocre, but like I keep saying, that’s what editing is for.

That’s new, because in writing You Will Find Your Way, I usually just make each part about what comes to me when I sit down to write every day, which is why some of the pieces and plot points may feel a little disjointed.

I’m going through and doing a full edit of each part on Sunday prior to posting, which fleshes some things out and makes the story make sense when I release it to the interwebs. Once I finish this whole project (whenever I feel the story is at an end, but that’s not going to be for a while since I just barely started Part Twenty One and we’re not even at the midpoint) I’ll do a full edit of the project, maybe add a couple bonus scenes to the compilation and put it all together.

Maybe I’ll even make an audio book to go with it.

Just a thought. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately.

And now I get to tell one member of my family that another is in serious need of therapy. I definitely should have saved last night’s Jell-O shots for tonight.

Oh well.

Background Noise: Halsey’s Badlands, specifically Castle, Hold Me Down, New Americana, and Strange Love and, yeah, basically the entire album.

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