Six unedited sentences from the upcoming Part Twelve of You Will Find Your Way

Back when Dallas was a freshman—before her life was unceremoniously ruined—her sorority sisters and every other upperclassmen she ever encountered, would talk about the bars around the corner from campus. They always carded and could spot a fake ID a mile away, so the underclassmen never bothered trying to sneak in.

Plus, it’s not like they needed to when there was always so much free alcohol at the fraternity bonfires.

Dallas shudders at the thought of the party that ruined—or maybe even saved—her life, crosses her arms over her chest as she stalks in the opposite direction, toward those ever-famous havens for those who could purchase alcohol legally. Since it’s still late in the summer, two and a half weeks before the beginning of Fall Term, there’s no reason why they should be crowded.

That, and the fact that it’s a Tuesday.

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