Part Thirty One

You Will Find Your Way

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Part Thirty One of You Will Find Your Way
Luke is still a little terrified of Giselle. It’s fine.

Dallas and Luke make it through the doors to the science annex where the administration stashed Giselle’s office when Luke clears his throat like he’s gearing up for another serious conversation and—



In front of the sea of grad students in the cubicle farm who are doing a bad job at pretending they’re not checking them both out?

Fortunately, he has the sense to wait until they’ve turned the corner before he comes out with whatever’s on his mind and—

“Want to maybe try to clear the air tomorrow night? I was thinking we could get a bite to eat.”

Dallas tilts her head to get a better look at him, but his features are impassive, impossible to read, “We don’t have to,” she says even though she is leaning toward giving him a ‘yes’. “I know this is all—”

She barked off with a one-shouldered should that he hopefully takes as ‘weird’ since she can’t wave her hand to indicate it like she normally would, thanks to all the bags stacked on her arms.

“No, we should,” Luke says with slightly more conviction than when he first asked her out. “I realized I have a lot more questions. You know, now that I’m not-”

“Supremely pissed at my existence anymore?” She teases. “Yeah, I noticed that.”

His cheeks go a little ruddy and he shakes his head again, “I was caught off guard, there is a difference.”

“Sure there is,” Dallas laughs because she really can’t resist, and they turn the corner and end up in the half-closed door with Giselle’s name and titles printed on a little placard on the wall next to it. “Well, here’s my stop.”

Since both sets of hands are full, Dallas kicks at the doorframe, “Hey, food’s here,” she calls in case she’s in with a student.

Not that it would actually help keep the interruption to a minimum, but whatever.

“Next time, I’m ordering from GrubHub,” Giselle calls back.

Moot point.

Dallas nudges the door aside with her foot and rolls her eyes, “Like that wouldn’t take twice as long,” she carefully drops the bags on the chair in front of her desk, because there’s no clear space among the laptop, piles of papers and books and journals, coffee cup that might be filled with actual sludge, and no less than five half-full water bottles.

Giselle finally looks up from what she’s working on, brightens when she notices that Dallas isn’t alone, but there’s something in her eyes that makes Dallas a little wary when she says, “Oh Luke, what a surprise. Nice to see you again.”

“Better circumstances,” he looks between them before he tilts his head. “I’ll let you two get to your lunch, I have to get going. Dallas-“

“Yeah,” she breaks in before it can get any more awkward, which wouldn’t be that hard with the way Giselle is narrowing her eyes at the both of them. “I’ll see you.”

He’s gone in a flash, and all it tells Dallas is that, for some reason, Luke is kind of terrified of Giselle, which—


Oh well.

Done musings, Dallas tears into the bags, because she is hungry, “She of the rolls might be a little screwy, I almost dropped a bunch on the quad, hence Luke, but-” she breaks off when Giselle doesn’t immediately start searching for her salmon skin hand roll, “What?”


“What, what?” She resists the urge to roll her eyes. “Are we really doing this again?”

Giselle arches a brow, pointed, “I overheard the words ‘dinner’ and ‘tomorrow. For the record, I’m jealous.”

Dallas glares, thinks of an answer that will get her out of this conversation, but all the comes up with, “Oh shut up and eat your food.”

The way Giselle cackles at her means that was probably not the thing to say.

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