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It’s the first of the month (a month that includes my birthday, and thanks to everyone in my life who reminded me that it’s coming up, because yes, I did kind of lose track of time and forget. Time is weird), so there’s no better time to start something new than that.

Which also explains why I’m trying for the million and a half time to get into a consistent yoga routine, but that is neither here nor there (if you ARE here for that, along with the usual writing insights and some sports talk, join me on Twitter).

Anyway, welcome to the #MondayMotivation Newsletter by Kathryn, the Fake Redhead (that’s me!).

Starting today (or specifically, tonight), I will be sending out a twice-monthly, behind-the-scenes newsletter that will feature writing motivation where I will break down inspirational quotes from major writers and explain what they mean when they put the words they use in that order, giver insights into the prompts and writing tips that I post to the blog (where do they come from? Honestly, I still don’t know), and … maybe some sneak peeks into some of my future projects (which yes, includes #WhoIsTalyaNightingale news, when there is news to tell).

Want to see what it’s all about? Check out Volume One HERE (and then subscribe up in the top left corner!)

So click that big red button below to signup, and be on the lookout for the first post!

Sign Up For The Newsletter!

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