TFR's Writing Prompt 276

“This way is more efficient.” “This way is going to get us killed.”

TFR's Writing Prompt 277

“You have no food in the house.” “There are two bananas in the refrigerator.” “They’re so brown they’re decomposing, so no, you have no food.”

TFR's Writing Prompt 278

“Why are you spending five thousand dollars on a murder weapon? You know you can pick up like, a brick or a tire iron off the side of the road for free, right?”

TFR's Writing Prompt 279

“Why are you so afraid of nature? Nature is perfect. Peaceful. Pleasant. Other positive words that start with ‘P’.”

TFR's Writing Prompt 280

“Did you have to hit me with a corpse’s leg? Was that really necessary?” “Necessary, no. Hilarious, yes.”

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