#MondayMotivation – August 28, 2017

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The writer is by nature a dreamer – a conscious dreamer. -Carson McCullers

I spend a LOT of my waking hours thinking about the stories I’m writing or planning to write. In one of my old Writing Tips posts titled, 4 Unique Ways To Get Inspired To Write, I talked about–as it says–four unusual sources of inspiration that I use when I’m working on my novels.

But as I wrote this #MondayMotivaiton post, I realized that there I was missing one: while driving. I can not begin to count how many plot issues I’ve solved while in the car. It happened a TON of times for the #WhoIsTalyaNightingale novel, especially when I use to have a traditional commute to and from work, and just last week I solved a particularly sticky plot question for #GroundhogOne.

Noodling on my writings is something that I can’t control, it’s just something that happens whenever I’m awake, like breathing, or those times when I sneeze weird and people think I’ve seen a bug or am being attacked or something (long story).

Take your inspiration where you can get it, and just remember to write, especially when you make a major plot breakthrough, but also especially when you can’t write at all. You can dream all you want about a plot, but if you don’t write it, you’re never going to finish your story. There’s never going to be a perfect time to write. You have to make it a perfect time, simply by doing it.

Easier said than done, I know. It’s an on-going challenge that every writer faces every day. You’re not alone.

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-Kathryn, the Fake Redhead

*#MondayMotivation quote found on my Pinterest Board: Inspirational Quotes About Writing

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A life-long college sports fan and forever bitter about the country's east coast biases, Kathryn, the Fake Redhead, graduated from the University of Arizona with a BA in Creative Writing, emphasis in poetry because she felt the fiction studies emphasis was too pretentious. She is currently helping other writers hone their craft while she pursues her dreams of becoming a published novelist.

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