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I do all my own writing stunts.

A little bit of funny for your Monday morning inspiration. It’s important to remember that, in writing, there’s nothing stopping you. You can write whatever you want, however you want (see: I am writing this post with a kitten chewing on my arm). The best part of writing is that you can write about things that aren’t real. Ahead-of-its-time technology, functioning relationships, mythical animals and godly powers.

If you can dream it, you can find a way to write it. Whatever it is. And don’t stress about “it’s been done” or “what if I don’t do it justice?” or anything else that your brain is telling you is wrong about what you’re trying to write. You are the only one who can tell you story. And yes, it may take a while, it may take a LONG while to get it right, now there’s nothing wrong in getting the framework out there. The only thing that is going to stop you from telling your story is you not getting it out there. You must start writing before you can finish writing.

There’s nothing to say that what you want to write must exist in this current time. Time is always evolving, technology is constantly evolving, so if there’s something you create for your story that seems too “unreal”, remember, people probably thought that about cell phones and the Internet once upon a time. Create whatever you need for your story to make it work.

Here’s to a productive week of writing.

*#MondayMotivation quote found on my Pinterest Board: Inspirational Quotes About Writing

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