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All Rex wants is to complete the mission for the cause.
All Echo wants is to complete the mission so she can reunite with her wife.
All Glory wants is to complete this mission so she can escape the time loop she’s trapped in.
-That moment when I think I’ve figured out how to #GroundhogOne

So, it’s the last day of NaNoWriMo and I did not get nearly as much writing done as I thought I would this month. I’m not saying I failed, because there is no way that’s accurate, but I did not write 50,000 words this month.

What I DID do is write more than I had on October 30 (which, in case anyone forgot, was NOT A DAMN WORD), and that’s nothing to be disappointed in.

Because of everything going on in my life this month, it just didn’t happen. That’s normal. Sometimes it’s that the words won’t come, but sometimes you just have to acknowledge that writing 50,000 words during the holidays is NOT easy.

But I’m way ahead in this story, and just because I wasn’t writing it, doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking about it.

And while I was thinking, I realized that my primary cast was a little too big. To successfully write a story like the one I’m writing, I realized that it was too hard to have to figure out things to do for four characters. So, I cut it to three. I didn’t remove one character, she’s still got an important role period, and especially in the to-be-written-eventually follow-up, #OneVendetta, but I realized that I could do without her.

The other thing I did, and this was TOTALLY AND ACCIDENT I SWEAR Y’ALL, was I accidentally figured out how to connect #GroundhogOne to the #WhoIsTalyaNightingale universe.

No seriously, it was an accident. But a happy accident that I think can solve an issue I’ve had for something in…one of the latter books in the series and one that takes place before the series starts. It’s complicated. Just roll with it, y’all.

So, I’m further ahead than I was, and that’s awesome. Once my life evens out a little more and once the holidays are over, I’ll get back to #GroundhogOne and get that first draft written.

To those of you who met your NaNoWriMo goals, CONGRATULATIONS! To those of you in the same boat with me, who didn’t maybe get done what you wanted, ALSO CONGRATULATIONS! No matter where you are, you’re further along with your story than you were in October. Keep going. Just keep going, keep writing, keep getting through those sticky plot points and difficult scenes and share your stories with the world.

Finish your novel and are wondering what to do next? Check back over the weekend for a post-NaNoWriMo edition of Writing Tips with The Fake Redhead.

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