TFR's Writing Prompt 436

“Why are you calling me from the bathroom?” “The cat hopped on my lap and fell asleep. I’m trapped on the toilet.”

TFR's Writing Prompt 437

“Are you happy here?” “Of course I am! I’ve never been more popular.”

TFR's Writing Prompt 438

“Here’s the thing: those missing children-“ “What about them, did you find them?” “They’re CIA agents.”

TFR's Writing Prompt 439

“How did it go?” “Well, we didn’t piss off any hostile alien forces, so I’d call the mission a success.” “Maybe we won’t mention that first part to the press.”

TFR's Writing Prompt 440

“Who should we go to? Admiral Follows All The Rules, or Admiral Let’s Start A War?” “Unfortunately, I think we need both.”

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