The writing adventures continue! I got through Part Twenty One of You Will Find Your Way today, and seeing as I’ve only posted through Part Three, I’ll probably start posting TWO parts a week starting next Monday with Four and Thursday with Five.



I’m just having so much fun and want to share that with you, my readers.

Background Noise: The NCAA Championships Semifinals match between Stanford and Minnesota. Go Card #BackThePac

In unrelated news, are you a fan of sometimes-creepy, esoteric podcasts where a Faceless Old Woman runs for mayor against a five-headed dragon, and intern gets lost in a desert otherworld, an evil corporation purchases an entire town, and a lot of other weird things happen on the daily?

Welcome To Night Vale just released its 100th episode today. You should listen. If you’ve never tuned in, you probably won’t know what’s going on, so basically just start from Episode One and

Just do it. Trust me.

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