So I spent a solid twenty minutes staring at Parts 25 and 26 of You Will Find Your Way and I have decided that I’d rather just ignore the problem with those two parts until it goes away.

It won’t work, but I’d rather just not deal with it right now.

P.S. The #1LineWed post for tomorrow’s Part Five came out this morning. Did you read it? Are you all caught up on Part Four?

Anyway, back to the impromptu writing advice:

Don’t let accidentally writing yourself into a hole stop you from keeping at it and finishing your story. In my first completed manuscript, the latter half of the very first draft (which was actually a 2015 NaNo piece) was like, 40% INSERT SCENE ABOUT THIS STUFF EVENTUALLY, but eventually happened and I managed to fill in the holes.

So the moral of the story is don’t let yourself stay stuck. You’ll never finish what you’re writing if you do.

I may be a little short on the number of words I wanted to get out of You Will Find Your Way (start from the beginning!) today, but I’ll make it back up this weekend when I have a little more time and the mental capacity to figure out where I went wrong with some of the scenes and rectify it.

Just don’t give up.

Background Noise: Numb3rs season one on Hulu, and the snorts of my four-legged roommate as she explores my desk. See? Isn’t she cute?


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