Instead of trying to write something new like I tried to yesterday and failed spectacularly, and because I’m still pretty deep in that hole, I did something I told myself I wasn’t going to do as part of the December Writing Challenge: go back and start over. Not the whole thing, but I went back to Part Twenty Two and started re-writing, which is the cornerstone of my editing process.

At the same time, it’s something I’d rather do AFTER I have a complete project.

But right now something in You Will Find Your Way isn’t working and that’s the way that works for me to get things back on track. And it needs to get back on track or I’m not going to be able to more forward, and that would suck.

I think Part Twenty Four is where the plot kind of veered off the rails, so hopefully once I get through that I’ll be able to right the ship and move forward.

Just remember, don’t stop trying, and find whatever process works for you.

Did you miss this morning’s post with Part Five? Catch up here.

Background noise: the sound of rain outside my office.

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