Today I’ve decided to take a break from the usual What I Wrote Today post for this little foray into why writing is so hard, in a post I call:

A Selection Of Real If Somewhat Ridiculous Reasons Why I Passed On Names In FOUR Different Character Name Generators For A Male Character In My New Side Project


Why Naming Characters Is Definitely Harder Than Naming Hypothetical Future Children

Here we go:
Doesn’t fit the character.
Person I know.
Person I hate.
Sounds like a toddler.
Person I really hate.
Sounds like a f*ckboy.
Well-known Harry Potter character.
Person I know.
Doesn’t fit the character.
Sounds like a f*ckboy.
Even bigger f*ckboy.
Family member.
Just, no.
Character from a show I hate.
Same name as one of my student-athletes.
Character I hate on a show I like.
Parent of a former student-athlete.
Definitely sounds like a f*ckboy.
That’s a planet.
Fester? What is this, the Addams family?

More below the cut! Yes, I am aware that I’m SUPER picky.
Roar is a sound.
Former student-athlete.
Too old-timey.
Name of a character I’m already using somewhere else.
Name of a colleague my friend at work REALLY hates.
I prefer to use that name for female characters.
That’s the name of my colleague’s nephew.
Sounds like a f*ckboy.
I know someone with that name who just got fired.
That’s an emotion.
Already using that one somewhere else.
No, I’m not writing Game of Thrones.
Name of someone who pissed me off a couple years ago.
Name of one of my student-athletes.
Is a f*ckboy on a tv show I like.
That’s a city with un-drinkable water.
That’s a Power Ranger.
Shares a name with a shitty football player.
Former student-athlete.
Too old.
That’s a body part.
That’s a famous X-Man.
Harry Potter’s godfather.
Same name as my former boss.
Harvard’s top weed dealer in 2009.
Guy who called me fat in elementary school.
Hell no.

But yes, I finally did settle on a name that fits the character I’ve dreamed up, so at least there’s that.

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