Today was actually a pretty productive writing day, for all that it’s cold, dreary, and feels like it’s the middle of the night when it’s not even four in the afternoon.

But I wrote nearly two thousand words today and decided to scrap Part Twenty-Six of You Will Find Your Way, because it sucked and that’s why I was having so many problems moving forward.

There are still some solid pieces of dialogue that I can use elsewhere, so I’m not going to delete the text (don’t ever do that, trust me), but it’s nice to have finally figured out where I’ve gotten stuck and now I can move forward.

I’m going to work on getting Parts Six and Seven of You Will Find Your Way edited and the posts scheduled tonight since tomorrow is going to be a busy day, and then hopefully work some more on one of my other projects that has been stagnating for a few weeks.

Happy first night of Hanukkah and Merry Christmas Eve to those of you who celebrate, and happy Saturday, December 24, to those who don’t.

What I Wrote Yesterday

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