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Part Forty Two of You Will Find Your Way
Mathias, Dallas, and Hilda have a very specific set of skills. Subtly is not included.

“Run this by me again, because this sounds both incredibly illegal and a terrible idea.”

“Oh Dallas, you’ve grown so dramatic in your advanced age. It’s quite unbecoming.”

“That’s it, where’s my knife?”

“Damn it Dallas, sit down!”

“Make me!

Giselle does, shoves her hard in the chest and pushes her back onto the couch.

“Fine, say this isn’t the worst idea in the history of bad ideas,” Dallas’ eyes burn when she blinks, so she squeezes them shut and presses her fingertips against them. “But that still means high-level b-and-e that none of us are qualified to do, and it’s not like we can just waltz on in there, I’m pretty sure one of the librarians is a witch.”

She can hear the way Giselle holds back a scoff, “You think all old women are witches.”

“Just the ones that look their age.”

“Considering everything about you, that makes less than zero sense.”

Dallas cracks an eye open, “There are some perks to being cursed as eternally young and beautiful, or whatever it is that those crazy people did to me after I lost my arm.”

Across the room, Hilda scoffs again, “Someone make her stop talking.”

Heavy sighs echo from both sides of the room—Luke and Mathias in as much agreement as they’ve been all day.

“Look,” Luke finally breaks the silence. “Brute force might be everyone’s specialty, but I’ve managed enough covert operations and I know my way around the campus security system. This will work.”

Dallas looks at Giselle, who looks back with the same look of confused interest plain on her face, “Do we want to know why you know your way around the campus security system?”

“I doubt it,” he shrugs. “We need to do this soon, and there’s no better night than tonight.”

“Pending another incident, sure.”

Luke nods, “Yes, that. We’ll get in place by three a.m., move at three-thirty.”

“Three-thirty?” Giselle asks, actually raising her hand like she’s one of her students, and—

They all need to get some sleep.

“Middle of the night, middle of shift change. Security will be bored and less focused than they would be any closer to the beginning or end of their night, and it’s late enough after last call that we won’t see a lot of drunken college students. It’s our best bet,” Luke breaks off, considers something. “Do any of you know how do disable someone without killing them?”

Dallas shares a look with Mathias, and even one with Hilda, and in awkward concert, they all kind of shrug, “Not really,” Mathias finally says. “We haven’t done anything related to covert operations since, well. Rome.”

“Rome?” Luke breaks off, shakes his head. “Never mind. I don’t even know why I’m asking.”

“If it’s any consolation, I thought it was weird the first time I heard it,” Dallas pipes up.

“It really isn’t.”

With a grunt and an echoing pop of the joints in her knees and probably her hips, Giselle heaves off the floor and shuffles into the kitchen, pats Luke’s shoulder on the way, “Don’t worry, you get used to it.”

Luke looks at Dallas, who shrugs, “I got her very drunk when I told her, but it’s not like we had time for that,” she stops, opens her mouth and closes it, starts again. “I do have a question, though.”


“What does one wear on a covert operation to break into a secure library full of books that can probably set the world on fire?”

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