Six unedited sentences from the upcoming Part Fourteen of You Will Find Your Way

What’s most noticeable is the scowl on his face, and Dallas tightens her grip on the door, shifts her footing a little, “Yes?”

The man clears his throat, “Professor Quiggle, I presume?” He says with something of a sneer, like the words coming out of his mouth are making him sick.

“No, but I’ll let Doctor Quiggle know we have a guest,” she says, tries to keep her annoyance at his blatant flub with Giselle’s title off her face. “Please come in.”

Giselle is in the doorway before Dallas can bellow through the house like an absolute heathen, and the man barely conceals a look of distaste as he takes in Giselle’s threadbare shirt and shorts, “Good evening, Professor Quiggle,” he holds a hand out.

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