Six unedited sentences from the upcoming Part Twenty Two of You Will Find Your Way

The door swings shut behind Dallas and Giselle sighs, counts to ten before she turns back to her students, “Well,” she chips and claps her hands together, the sound loud in the deafening silence that has fallen over the room. “What do you guys think of wrapping up today a little early? Go over the last slides from today’s presentation and email me with questions.”

Her students are just as distracted as she is, so she doubts they even process her words even as she pretty much immediately forgets what she just said. She waits for them to leave and rushes right out of the hall as soon as the last one is gone.

With her paperwork and notes and a few books that she doesn’t even remember why she’s carrying in a haphazard pile in her arms, Giselle follows Dallas’ muddy footsteps down the hall and around the corner.

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