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Mixing things up a bit because that’s how I roll.
We’ll re-up on the Writing Tips next week.

Six unedited sentences from an upcoming piece of stubborn space people in space.

They push off for their six-month tour on the allied side of the Restricted Zone in forty-eight hours, which means Higgins won’t get any sleep for the next seventy-two.

Higgins strips his cap and tucks it under his elbow as he crosses the threshold into the seedy little bar hidden deep in the bowels of Deck 10.

The massive room is filled with people, and while it’s the absolute last thing he wants to deal with—any one of them could be his new shipmate—this is the one bar near his housing that has windows to reflect the synthetic sunlight the station’s AI thinks will remind everyone of the worlds they’ve left behind.

He takes a moment for his thoughts to trail off to the sun-drenched world he was born to and—that’s enough of that.

Higgins navigates the maze of tables to the bar, winces when he sees either Riese or Quorra sitting on the other side of the room. She—and he’ll try to figure out how to tell the twins apart later—raises her glass in his direction with a snicker, and he waves back before returning to his intended destination.

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